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Parent-Child Class Guidelines - 2017-2018

Welcome to Parent/Child Movement, Music & Language.  We have witnessed many amazing and wonderful moments as parents/caretakers begin the journey of class time together.  We wish you great memories and bonding as you experience this special time together.

In order to receive the full benefits this class has to offer we have compiled the following guidelines.

  • Upon entering the Movement Space, check-in at the desk before proceeding to class.
  • The classroom is shoe free in order to assure a clean environment for you and your child. Please take care to keep street shoes, both yours and your child's, off the classroom floor and mats.
  • Leave strollers, shoes, and other personal belongings in the Lobby before entering class. You may bring your purse into the classroom and place it out of reach on the platforms by the windows
  • We ask that cellphones be turned off and left with your belongings. If you are expecting an important call, please set your phone to vibrate and exit the classroom to answer.
  • Food, drinks and toys are not allowed in the classroom. This helps to create a focused learning environment for all participants.
  • For diaper changing, please lay your child on a towel or changing pad.

Adults in class: You are essential to the success of the class.

  • Your full attention and participation help to create clarity in the classroom in many ways.
  • Your child will see and hear important keys to communication and development.
  • We are all the teachers in respect to the children in the classroom with us.
  • As adults we teach our children by our own actions so as the child sees, the child will do.
  • If you participate with enthusiasm and focus, your child will learn to do the same.

Enjoy this time together. The learning and growth that take place will amaze and warm your heart. May this class fill your lives with joyful memories and lifelong lessons.