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Parent/Child Movement, Music & Language

This continually evolving class has been developed and taught over the past 25 years by Dena Reynolds.  The evolution of the class draws on experience and observation of Parents/caretakers and crawling children to three year olds participating in the class format.  Further information comes from Dena’s lifelong study of movement which led to formal studies and the earning of a BFA and an MFA degree in Dance.

Parents/caretakers and crawling children to 3 year olds attend the class together with everyone a participant.  The idea behind the class is to gather and to focus together with a movement base of yoga, developmental movement stages, dancing, making sound and singing.

The focus of the class is to address the needs of both the children and adults in the class.  Beginning with yoga based exercises, the adults are engaged throughout the entire class period in movements that help to stretch, align, strengthen and rejuvenate internal health. 

At the same time, language use defines what is happening for the child to see, hear and imitate.  We name body parts, directions in space, colors, counting, stop, go, fast, slow, crawl, walk, turn, jump and run, stimulating the child physically and mentally through movement.  Essential developmental stages of the infant, toddler child are also playfully explored using imagery and sound for the child to see, hear and imitate.  The class continues to the standing /walking stage with activities that help build motor skills, stimulate the brain and awaken a sense of self and relation to the world.

The adults are essential to the success of the class; as the adults’ full attention and participation help to create clarity in the classroom in many ways.  The child will see and hear important keys to communication.  The child will see many people responding to verbal directions and connect words with these responses.  The young mind will have a lasting experience of people listening, moving, and working together. 

We are all the teachers in respect to the children in the classroom with us. As adults we teach our children by our own actions so as the child sees the child will do. If we participate with enthusiasm and focus the child will learn to do the same.