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Movement Space Arts Camp is a program combining creative movement,

dance, theater, music, writing, storytelling, drawing, painting, and sculpture.

The School Break Camp is for children ages 3-12 years and is a whole day program, 9-3 or 9-5. 
Children may enroll for the full week or for single days.
**All children must be fully toilet trained and not need a nap.

The Summer Arts Camp is for children ages 3-12 years and a half-day/whole day program.
Children may be enrolled in any combination of days and weeks
. **All children must be fully toilet trained and not need a nap.
CAMP HOURS: 9-12, 9-1, 9-3, 9-5, 12-3, 12-5.

The focus of the program is to provide students
with a well-rounded experience and exposure to the arts
while nurturing individual confidence and expression.

Artists/Teachers with professional education and experience
teach age appropriate classes in their particular arts discipline
in groups of 15 or less.  All our teachers have experience and
background teaching children ages 3-12 years

On staff each day, is an art teacher,
and two dance/movement/theater teachers.

The art teacher presents a variety of art mediums
and forms in the daily classes.

The dance/movement/theater teachers teach a combination
of creative movement, dance, yoga, theater games,
eurhythmics, movement stories and dramatic play.

Included in our activities are singing and song writing,
storytelling, writing stories, poems and plays, illustrating
stories and poems, presenting plays and dance pieces
as well as weaving and jewelry making.

Throughout the day, as teachers we encourage creativity,
exploration, and individuality as well as group cooperation.

Instrumental in our work are our teen assistants.
Each teacher is provided with assistants according to the age
and size of the group.  This insures all students receive individual
assistance and attention during classes and in transition to other activities.

All our teens show a special joy and interest in working with children
and have experience spending time with our age range of children.
Many of them attended our camp as 3-12 year old children
and have returned to work with us.